Jim McGovern joins Dundee HMRC staff to celebrate jobs victory

Dundee West MP, Jim McGovern, today (Monday 15th September) offered his congratulations to members of the Public & Commercial Services Union who, standing together, have successfully campaigned to secure jobs for 40 members of staff in HMRC's Dundee Contact centre.

Speaking outside the Building, Mr McGovern said;

"This is a victory once again for the solidarity of PCS Members and Dundee people as a whole.  That this was achieved without the need for the PCS to take industrial action is a victory for common sense on both sides, and I join with PCS now in calling for similar solutions for all staff threatened with redundancy around Scotland and the wider UK."


Jim McGovern condemns SNP Bedroom Tax hypocrisy

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has accused the SNP of showing blatant hypocrisy after it emerged that only two SNP MP’s showed up to vote against the Bedroom Tax.

The vote in the House of Commons to exempt more people from the Bedroom Tax was passed by MP’s in Westminster, including Labour and Liberal Democrats MP’s. All Scottish Labour MPs were present and voted in support of the Bill.